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Multiserver - 1
Support & Updates
This our first model of Multi-server, we will release more in few weeks. If your server does not meet our requirements, we will charge extra for server setup.
ClipBucket Multi-server gives your website a new edge with more powerful video conversion option and data delivery.With Clipbucket Multi-server, you will have following options

* Host ClipBucket videos on different servers

* Mass Upload videos with FTP connection otherwise no FTP connection is required

* Video status update via cURL

* Support lighttpd , pseudo streaming

* Converts video in FLV, HQ, HD and also for IPhoneHOT

* Convert any type of video with any size or duration

* H264 Supported with Highest Quality and Lowest Possible size

* Auto select server based on available space

* Secure file authentication

* Supports flvtool++ for large files meta data injection

* Supports Mplayer for large files thumb extraction

* Improves website stablity

* ClipBucket 2.0.9 or greater

* PHP 5.2 or greater with cURL

* Dedicated or VPS server with all modules ( FFMPEG, MPLAYER, FLvtool2,Flvtoo++,MP4Box)

* Data & Conversion Server must have PHP-CLI and Curl Support

* We recommend lighttpd server for streaming (with h264 streaming module)

* PHPShield Loaders on both servers (application and data)

* We give free installation for 1 server (could take up-to 24 hours)

* A complete guide will be provided for installing other servers

* Support depends on kind of problem, you may need to pay extra in-case of extra features or fixing server

* Updates will be provided on regular bases.

Paid Subscription Module
* Documentation and User Guide

Paid Subscription module let you transform your website into an online video sharing market with a reliable source of income. Our module comes with very best features and functions that let you control and distribute your content more securely and commercially.

Key Features

* Paypal Integeration (other billing system wil be integerated on demand)

* Limit number of videos

* Limit number of days

* Pay-per-view

* Pay-per-video

* Duration Based (User can buy number of seconds or minutes)

* 1 click installation, no complex customization

* Create multiple video packages

* Create payper view packages

Installation & Requirments

* PHPShiled (ixed)

* cURL

* Simply upload plugin in 'plugins' directory and click install

* Enter your license and setup packages


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